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Song Catalog

Welcome to Jazzturtles Music Publishing Song Catalog:

Below is a listing of songs that are available for cover, licensing, etc.  Click on the Title Links for audio & details:

Song Title
Having that special moment and place with the one you love
Andrew Tanzer/ Freddy Hamer
Keeping your romantic options open
Andrew Tanzer/ Freddy Hamer
Reflecting/reminiscing about love over a lifetime
Andrew Tazer/Tracy Mace
Telling someone to think twice about cheating/leaving.
Freddy Hamer
Reaching the final straw in a relationship with an alcoholic
Andrew Tanzer
Jazz Groove
Mostly Instrumental, smooth and romantic 
Adrew Tanzer
The struggles and bravery of those facing oppression
Andrew Tanzer/ Freddy Hamer
Kicking someone out after a relationship breakdown 
Adrew Tanzer
 Latin-style Ballad
Facing the end of a relationship with mixed emotions
Freddy Hamer
Living the good life with the one you love
Adrew Tanzer
Celebrating Christmas in Jamaica
Andrew Tanzer/ Freddy Hamer
Though the grass may seem greener, there is no place better than the arms of the one you really love.

 Freddy Hamer