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Tracy Mace, LLC Professional Vocal Services

Ms. Mace has a unique ability to interpret songs with such feeling that her audiences are often moved to tears. Her passion for music is apparent with every performance.

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Ms. Mace performs both as a soloist and with ensembles. She offers her talents for occasions such as, Weddings, Parties, Concerts, Benefits, and Studio Recordings, Voice Overs, to name a few.

Tracy Mace's Bio

Ms. Mace's voice has been described as, 'smooth as a very fine wine, rich and dark with champagne highlights as she articulates up and down the scales. It is a sound that once you hear it, you will never forget it. Her voice leaves an imprint upon your soul that creates a longing to ask for more, more and more.' Click here to hear some of her work.

Surrounded by music her entire life, Ms. Mace is a former trumpet and French horn player who made the switch to voice in her late teens. Her primary music genre is Jazz; however, she also performs Classical, Folk, Spirituals, Rock and Praise and Worship. In addition to solo appearances, Tracy has performed with Mersey-The British Rock Invasion Show, American Music Abroad, Bloomsburg University Choir, Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic, Bagby Chorale several local Jazz Musicians.

Venues in which Ms. Mace has performed include, Cathedrals in France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, the West Chester Historical Society, Adventure Aquarium, Chris' Jazz Cafe, Zanzibar Blue, Caesars Circus Maximus and Newtown Public Library.

In addition to her musical vocal performances, Ms. Mace is also a lyricist and Voice Over Artist. Ms. Mace is available for all your Voice Over needs, e.g., Commercials, Audiobooks, Voice Mail, IVR, eLearning, Videos. Here is a link to her Voice Over offerings.

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