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Jazzturtles Records

"To Dream in All Things Music..."TM

Jazzturtles Records is borne of the passion for all things music. We are a Small Indie Record Label, devoted to producing quality music, in a variety of genres, that reaches the heart, mind and soul.

Phone: 267.908.3477

PO Box 16811

Philadelphia, PA 19142


25FEB2020: The first video in the Annie and Izzie's The Turnip Album series, is live! Click and subscribe to get access to all the content!

15FEB2019: Jazzturtles Records and Juniors Read are thrilled to present our first collection of traditional children’s songs with 'Annie & Izzie's The Turnip Album'! You’ll hear some familiar favorites with a rhythmic twist and possibly learn a new song or two. From 'Happy And You Know It' to 'Down, Down Baby', it will be hard to keep still while listening to these rockin’ rhythms!

From the popular book, 'Mango in a Tree', by Donnie Mustardseed, fraternal twins, Annie and Izzie, and their friend iguana, ‘Zinga, invite you to put on your dancing shoes, 'turnip' the volume, and join them as they dance their way through wonderfully upbeat songs sung by vocalist Tracy Mace. Get ready…the adventure begins…!

'Annie & Izzie's The Turnip Album' is available through your favorite music outlets such as, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play & Spotify. Download cards are available, soon in the Jazzturtles Store!

14FEB2017: Jazzturtles Records announces the Official Release of the Country single, 'Kissing Lessons'! 'Kissing Lessons' is available through your favorite music outlets such as, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play & Spotify. Download cards will be available, soon in the Jazzturtles Store!

02FEB2017: Jazzturtles Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the Country single, 'Kissing Lessons'! The Official Release is February 14, 2017. Stay tuned for special preorder information!

15APR2016: Jazzturtles Records & Jazzturtles Publishing is honored to announce the Official Release of 'Andy, Fred & Tracy: More Time'!! This album contains 11 of our Folk-Rock-Blues tunes and is available, through CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. It is also available in the Jazzturtles Store, with special CD package options.

We are so thankful to Alexander Saddic of Turbo Prop Sound Recording for expertly assisting us in creating the live-instrument, full-band sound we were looking for!! We also want to thank Kristin Derby for the beautiful album artwork! Most importantly our loyal supporters, especially those who participated in our CD Pre-Order Package:


Tracy Mace


Tracy Mace is a vocalist, lyricist and voice over artist. We are thrilled to have her as part of our enterprise! Please see her page for more details of her talents.

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