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Songwriter: Freddy Hamer

© 2015 Freddy Hamer

Jazzturtles Publishing (Admin) [ASCAP]

℗ 2015 Jazzturtles Records/Andrew Tanzer/Freddy Hamer

Vocals: Tracy Mace ✵ Guitar: Andrew Tanzer ✵ Bass: Freddy Hamer ✵ Drums & Percussion: Alexander Saddic


Facing the end of a relationship with mixed emotions





Latin-style Ballad

Full Lyric:

Verse 1

We’re in overtime,

we’ve had our fling

We’re in overtime, Dear,

we had everything

The Moon ate from our hands,

The Sun hid from our smiles

The snowflakes on Walnut Street,

Danced with us for miles

Verse 2

Dealt some extra cards, some aces in the hole

Play them as they lie,

Dear, well beyond our control,

How many or how strong the hand,

but on and on we go

Open books to each other, but always more to know


Can’t give a moment away,

To Romeo and Juliet

A million curtain calls, they

Haven’t made it through yet

Verse 3

The highs not as high, now

The lows less low

No more smoke in our eyes, Dear, though the Devil we still know,

Like fine wine we are clearer, But yet like vinegar

Our world is harsher, too

As body as in soul,

Still the vibe comes through

Bridge Solo



Verse 4

Check out on our terms,

No slippery slope for us

Draw the line right here, Love,

We’ve lived enough,

To know this isn't life, anymore

Don’t hesitate, to do what we must do,

To free us, to ourselves be true

But not yet, not yet

My Darling not quite yet

Oooooo Overtime ooooooo

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