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Just in Casin'

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Songwriters: Andrew Tanzer & Freddy Hamer

© 2015 Andrew Tanzer & Freddy Hamer

Jazzturtles Publishing (Admin) [ASCAP]

℗ 2015 Jazzturtles Records/Andrew Tanzer/Freddy Hamer

Vocals: Tracy Mace ✵ Guitar: Andrew Tanzer ✵ Bass: Freddy Hamer ✵ Drums & Percussion: Alexander Saddic


About keeping your romantic options open


Just-in-casin' it...



Full Lyric:

Verse 1

Hey big Tommy with your

hair so red, why don’t you step over here where heroes fear to tread?

I know you see this diamond ring on my finger,

but I hope that don’t stop you comin’

over to linger.

You’re lookin’ like you like the look of my dimensions,

but you might be confused about my intentions.

I already got me a pretty good man, but a

girl needs a back-up plan

Chorus 1

I’m just-in-casin’ it...

I’m not disgracin’ it...

I’m not erasin’ it...

A Wop Bop A Lee Bop

A Wop Bop A Dow

Verse 2

Now Adam and Eve, they jumped

out of the Tree.

Adam asked, “Eve, will you

marry me?”

Eve looked around, saw some

other guys and gals, she said,

“You’re cute, Adam, see you in a while.”

She ran on down to the corner bar, where

Tom, Dick and Harry were draining a yard.

They took a look at Eve, didn’t see no Adam, and right there she knew she had ‘em.

Chorus 2

She’s just-in-casin’ it …

Not de-basin’ it...

Still embracin’ it...

A Wop Bop A Lee Bop

A Wop Bop A Dow

Verse 3

If you come to my wedding, when they ask for all clear

Don’t crack up laughing, don’t make us lend an ear.

I might have a stallion at every table

But as long as I’m married, gonna keep ‘em in the stable.

Chorus 3



I'm Just-in-casin' it...

A Wop Bop A Lee Bop

A Wop Bop A Dow

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